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Multinationals running riot in Vietnam

September 20, 2009

Read about yet another case study in just how devious the artificial milk makers are, here


Misogynist Prick talking about Paternity leave on BBC4

September 18, 2009

This is a letter I’ve just emailed to the BBC in response to their broadcast on Women’s Hour on 18.09. You can listen to it here (though I don’t know how long that link will work). I am so livid I could barely type, so I’m afraid the letter ain’t one of my best, but I think it will do.

Dear Women’s Hour

My partner and I are both sitting here in utter disbelief, shouting at the radio. The filth spewing from that man’s mouth is just unreal – how did you let him on the radio? He’s saying that men can’t bring up babies, women belong in the home, and laments that he can’t make racist jokes about the Irish any more. Who the hell is he? Why can’t you talk to people whose views actually reflect your listeners’ opinions? This is the WORST sort of sensationalist crap journalism.

Why did you not talk to someone from Norway, where split parenting leave has been an institution for more than a decade, beloved by mothers and fathers and children and employers alike? Where it works brilliantly, the take-up is high, and the effects heart-warming.

Why did you not speak to any WOMEN, mothers, or indeed even children that this might effect? What about looking at the profound effect it can have on the father-child relationship, when quality time is spent in the early years. You bang on about how men are still seen as dominant wage-earners, blah blah, but utterly failed to examine any of the positives, or indeed any other part of the story. You also failed to address how this change might affect families in which only one partner works in the wage economy. What if the mother doesn’t ‘return’ to work, or the father for that matter? Will they receive the same benefits of supported paternity time? Or just be swept under the carpet as we are now?

I am appalled and disgusted at this presentation. It seems every time I bother to listen to ‘Women’s Hour’ I am confronted with yet more anti-feminist, patriarchal poison, all the more insidious for being presented by supposedly liberal, ‘liberated’ (really?!) women. There’s a word for you – collaborators.

Yours, in fury,