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Guardian article offends mothers and non-mothers alike in one fell swoop

February 8, 2009

I dont usually read the mainstream British press as I tend to get really angry but someone pointed me towards this article¬†¬†which, funnily enough, made me angry. And hey, it’s been ooooo days since I last complained about anything, so I wrote this:

Dear Life and Style Editor,

I’m writing to express my distaste over the article ‘The dummy mummy decade’ by Rachel Cooke, in the February 8 edition of Life and Style. I’m sure you were well aware of how offensive it could be to parents when you made the decision to publish it, and obviously as a mother I am hardly unbiased. I am understanding of and have a lot of respect for people who have chosen not to have children, and I would appreciate the same in return.
Cooke complains about mothers talking to non-interested non-parents about their children. Then she is positively vitriolic about mothers talking about their children to one another, on websites devoted to the subject. So, what are we supposed to do? I suppose she would prefer that anyone who chooses to have children do so in complete isolation from the rest of society and indeed from other parents, just to ensure that we don’t talk about our kids to anyone. If she is so mortally offended by parents sharing advice and humor with one another, maybe she should… not read websites aimed at other people?
She says our devotion to our children is reminiscent of some 1950s meek housewife, but then goes on to say that it’s a new phenomenon, and it wasn’t always like this.
Cooke contradicts herself repeatedly in this rambling, bitter diatribe, sprinkling it liberally with deliberately inflammatory statements – it sounds like something she slapped together on Friday night to cause as much of a stir as possible. In addition to being offensive – making rude assumptions and assertions about millions of women, apparently just because their choices are different to her own – it is poorly written, and just, well boring.

Yours Sincerely,

Devoted mother to 18-month-old Max, who loves talking about her son and about parenthood but is also passionate about radical politics, social change, ecology, film, literature, music, cooking, yoga, and complaining about crappy journalism